A trip at Moeciu

When you feel tired, when you have lack of imagination, when you feel that all is in vain, undoubtedly it’s the time to you to relax.Float a little, after a little more…

Are you ready?;)You’re going to learn how to face the stress in your life by turning to the therapy of nature.Therefore, I hold to present you a suitable way for someone who needs to relax far away from this noisy world.


Romania is well-known for its rural part, especially for its savage, but hospitable villages.In Moeciu village, the natives occupy themselves with the agriculture(in theirs courtyards),with the agroturism,with the growth of animals and with the manufacture and the selling of handicrafts things.Over the time, Moeciu has given tens and tens of people of science, people of culture and sportsmans in the most different domains of activity.


Moeciu impresses through the wildness of the landscapes, through the grandeur of the structure of rocks, through the rustic houses and especially…through the lonely place which is.






Did the ”therapy of images” work?Are you now more relaxed or even more optimist after the delectation of your eyes, your heart and your mind?:)




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